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Japanese candle manufacturer Candly

They are a pleasure to receive and fun to give!
Candly will deepen your appreciation of the modest candle! Candly is a cute boutique candle store

(12 square metres) where we make each candle by hand. Candles with unique and surprising textures,

natural plant wax candles, and Japanese artisan sweet candles. A very special idea for your home or a gift.

We have a wide range of products for various occasions. Please order from our shop or from the website.




Gummywax (invented in Hokkaido). It has a rubberish texture and is slightly transparent, and spreads magical light when lit.


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Japanese Artisan Sweet Candle

Stunning candles made to look like traditional Japanese Artisan sweets. These sweets were originally developed for enjoying not only their taste, but their beauty. As the wax is kneaded individually by hand, the method is also similar to when they make these beautiful artisan sweets. Usually, candles for interior decoration are in the western style, but these delicate candles are made to fit into a Japanese aesthetic.


Japanese Artisan Sweet Candle

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Japanese Candle (four fragrant lights)

Japanese coloured and fragranced candles wrapped in Japanese style handicraft paper. Square candles in traditional Japanese colours-each one has its own unique fragrance. Nine special Japanese fragrances-
Sandalwood, orchard, green tea, honey, citron, fig, peach, apple, and forget-me-nots. The wrapping paper is soaked in wax, and then the candle is wrapped by hand. The wrapping paper is cut into a square, so after it’s used, it can be re-used as origami paper. Enjoy Japanese scents with these gentle fragrant candles and folding paper.


Size: about 35mm squared (each candle)
Burning Time: about 3 hours (x 9)
Materials: mineral oil (liquid paraffin), fragrances and colours
Includes: 9 candles, box, fragrance protecting sheet, Japanese origami folding directions

Other Candle

Candky Candles

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There are many other fun and

attractive candles at Candly!

Aroma stick


Botanical aroma


Cat’s Paw Candle

Cat’s meeting



Candly takes customer orders for original candles. We also take orders for weddings, shop openings, events, unique decorations and more. Candly also runs candle making workshops!
Please feel free to contact us.

1-1  South 17 West 8
Chuoku, Sapporo Japan


Please feel free to contact us

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